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dreadedMaegen: can i call you Boogey Woogey Boo Boo Bear Poptart?
dreadedMaegen: Pwease?
Auto Response from Broganrules2: Im Known as Pillown Queen, Popcorn Queen and T.ear D.rop F.lirt and My NickName Everyone Seems To Like Calling me Is Boo Bear Or Boo OR Because I cant walk on my own two feet they call me Boo Boo... So what ever It works for me =D
Broganrules2: NO
Broganrules2 returned at 8:49:52 PM.
dreadedMaegen: pwease
Broganrules2: No fuck you shit head
Broganrules2 signed off at 8:58:20 PM.
broganrules2 is offline and will receive your IMs when signing back in.
dreadedMaegen: aww
Broganrules2 is unable to receive offline IMs.

I think I got blocked.
I should be studying for chemistry right now, but I can't. I should also be doing my paper for pottery. I cleaned my room today, it seems like I only clean my room when I have something more important and less pleasurable to do; like studying for finals. Two more days of school, then we're really seniors. It's scary that in a year we'll be the ones graduating.
After graduation on Friday I went with Danielle and Kelsey to Walmart, then we went to Friendly's, it was a lot of fun. I hope I do stuff this summer, I usually don't.

There is truly no point to this entry.
Well, I think I'm going to start writing in this again. I still check it now and then so why not post, right? I'm so glad that we are almost done with school. Part of me will miss it because I like the routine, but I'll be glad to disappear for a little while.

I really like barbecue chips.

Good night.